How to Hook Up Online Like a Boss

Learning how to hook up online like a boss is actually easier than you think. Really. Why? Hooking up online is not much different from hooking up offline.

Sure, free online hook ups are anonymous. Also, people don’t get to see your face until later on. There are lots of advantages hooking up online. You can scour databases. You can run specialized searches. You can zero in specific types of women.

Also, with all the bullshit you had to deal with in an offline basis simply don’t exist online. You don’t have to filter through hundreds of women in real life. You don’t have to go through all sorts of potential humiliation and embarrassment just to find that perfect chick. You can dispense of all of that with a very powerful database search online.

With that said, don’t get too excited. Don’t think that you have it made just because you’re looking for pussy online. It’s not that simple. I wish it was, but it isn’t. If you’re serious about truly hooking up, you need to learn how to hook up online like a boss on a freehookupsite.

The good news is that you just need to pay attention to the things you’re doing right offline and just be more targeted with it when doing an online search. Pay attention to the following.

Everything About You Must Reek Confidence

If you’re looking to hook up like a boss, then everything you do must project confidence. You have to remember that women hate weak men. They don’t want anything to do with men who are weak at the knees. And this is why you need to create a profile that projects strength.

You should come off like a guy who knows what he’s doing and who knows where he’s going. Women are drawn to such guys. Unfortunately, there are a lot of guys who create online profiles and broadcast how weak they are.

You have to be very systematic and methodical with how you write your profile. You have to have the right picture. You have to have the right text. Also, the way you communicate with women must project confidence. Otherwise, you’re just simply going to lose the game.

They prefer alpha males. Even though this is just all about anonymous sex, women like to have sex with winners. They don’t want to have sex with losers. I hope you got that part loud and clear.

Set Your Standards and Play the Numbers Game

Just because you want to get laid doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to act like a desperate loser. Unfortunately, a lot of guys, once they discover how easy it is to have sex online, act like desperate losers. They’re all about the pussy. They relax their standards so they would bang everything from a midget to women who are several hundred pounds overweight.

I’m not knocking guys who actually prefer having sex with midgets or guys who love plus size women. What I am knocking are guys who do not actually love those women but would still bang them anyway because they’re just so soft with their standards.

Hey! You have to stick by your standards and you have to stick by your character. That’s the bottom line. Never relax your standards because, guess what, that will make you a lousy lover.

Women from hookup sites deserve great lovers. And if you’re simply relaxing your standards and letting them fall by the wayside just because you want to get laid, then this means that you’re simply going to take and take from sex instead of actually contributing to it. That’s the definition of a good lover. They give. They don’t just take and take.

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