Old Guys Get Laid More Than Old Ladies

A study showed that it is harder for old ladies to get laid, and revealed some of the reasons why. According to the study, 25% of men after 85 years of age are still having sex, while only 10% of women are still hitting it at the same age.

One reason the study gives for this finding – which is disheartening for women as they age – is that women typically live longer than men, meaning that as they get older, there are just less available guys to choose from, if a woman is heterosexual. Plus, the study also revealed that guys continue to have higher sex drives even at this later stage in life. 30% of men between the ages of 76 and 80 said they still thought about sex at least once a week, while only 7% of women felt this was true. The good thing is that the women who said they still think about sex were usually the ones who were getting it – even if they were in poor health.

Of course, those who were still in their 60s were having a lot more sex than their older counterparts. 60% of men and 37% of women who were aged 65 had sex within the past year, and half of those people had reported having sex within the past month. The study was about more than just sex, it was also about love. It found that sadly, only 1 in 20 people over the age of 50 find love again after divorcing, but it seems like many of them would still like to find a partner, since they think about sex.

The study was performed by the International Longevity Centre. They did it because sex at an older age is something that is rarely talked about, and a topic that could even be considered neglected.

Source: Old Guys Get Laid More Than Old Ladies

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